2020-21 Budget Instructions

This page outlines the instructions, memoranda, and upcoming deadlines and deliverables for the FY2020-21 budget process. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you have questions about the budget process you can contact your Divisional Finance Leader or your Madison Budget Office Contact. General inquiries can be sent to mbo@vc.wisc.edu or PlanUW specific emails sent to PlanUW-MSN-MBO@vc.wisc.edu

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Chapter 1 – Introduction and Timetable
Updated March 23, 2020 (for extended deadlines)

Chapter 2: Auxiliary Funds 128 and 136 Budget Instructions Coming soon

Chapter 4: Budget Related Human Resources Actions
March 10, 2020

Chapter 5: Reconciling the Planning Allocation and Budget Submission
Coming soon

Chapter 6: Compensation Administration Tool (CAT) Technical Instructions
January 19, 2020

Chapter 7: Non- Salary Budget Data Entry Using PlanUW
Coming soon

Chapter 8: Understanding the Allocated vs Budgeted Planning Allocation Report
February 20, 2020

Chapter 9: Balancing Budget – Using PlanUW and the Planning Allocation Reports
Coming soon

Chapter 10: Summer Targets FY21 (Summer 2020)

Budget Process Deliverables

Budget process deliverables by due date (updated March 30th):

  • February through March – Three and Five Year Exercise Meetings
  • April 1st – FTE Request Forms for Funds 128, 131, and 136 due to MBO
  • April 15th – Non-Allocable Funds worksheets are due to MBO (available in Box)
  • April 15th – Smaller budget units & auxiliaries’ budgets are due
  • April 20th – Large school and college budgets are due – not using DPS
  • April 27th – Large school and college budgets are due – using DPS
  • By June 30th – Obligated, Planned, or Designated commitments with documentation are due
  • Post July 30th – Submission of supporting fund documentation to MBO
  • August (TBD) – Following the close of FY20, year end balance reporting will occur inside of PlanUW


FY21 Graduate Assistant Stipend Minima and Principles
October 25, 2019
by Karl Scholz/
Laurent Heller/
William J. Karpus

UW System 2020-21 Initial Allocation Memo
February 28, 2020
by Aimee Arnold

FY21 Fund 101 Budget Model Reallocations
March 3, 2020
by Karl Sholz/
Laurent Heller

UW System 2020-21 Annual Budget Guidelines
March 6, 2020
by Aimee Arnold

UW System 2020-21 Annual Budget Timeline
March 6, 2020
by Aimee Arnold

GPR Initial Allocations FY21
March 9, 2020
by Jennifer Klippel

UW System 2020-21 Annual Budget Guidelines – REVISED
March 24, 2020
by Aimee Arnold

2020-2021 Fund 150 Overhead Allocations
September 14, 2020
by Karl Sholz/
Laurent Heller

2020-2021 Fund 133 Overhead Allocation
September 29, 2020
by Karl Sholz/
Laurent Heller


Do you need to view the budget instructions for a year that is not listed? Please contact our office: