Obtaining Necessary Authorizations

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PlanUW is a cloud-based application that supports budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and aids in business processes related to the University’s budget model.

Please fill out the PlanUW Authorization Form to request access to the system, email completed forms to PlanUW-MSN-MBO@vc.wisc.edu

Compensation Administration Tool (CAT)

The CAT is a PeopleSoft based application used to enter salary data during the budget development process.

New CAT users will need to contact their divisional HRS approver for assistance obtaining any of the CAT HRS roles. If you are unsure of which roles you need, please email mbo@vc.wisc.edu.

NOTE: Please select either the Update or Read Only CAT Role. Do not select both roles as this causes access problems in the CAT.

CAT Roles and Description of Access

CAT Role Role Name Approvers Functions
Update UW_UNV_HR_CAT_FUNCTIONAL Institutional HRS Approvers ·   Make changes to all transactional pages·   Run all processes and reports within the CAT
Read Only UW_UNV_HR_CAT_FUNCTIONAL_RO Institutional HRS Approvers ·   Search and view records within the CAT·   Run reports within the CAT
EPM UW_UNV_EPM_HR_CAT_QRY_NS Institutional HRS Approvers ·   Query CAT data views through EPM·   View current and historical CAT comp/funding data
IR EPM (Hyperion orStudio) UW_UNV_EPM_HR_CAT_QRY_LBRY_NS Institutional HRS Approvers ·   Query CAT data views through EPM and Interactive Reporting·   View current and historical CAT comp/funding data

Madison Budget Office Web Reports

Several reports listed under the reports tab require authorization.

  • Budget Control Report – General financial overview
  • Position Control Reports – Authorized FTE and filled level reports

To request access to these reports, email the Madison Budget Office Staff at mbo@vc.wisc.edu.

Please provide:

  • Name
  • Role
  • NetID
  • The UDDS or UDDS range for report access

JET Budget

JET Budgets Authorization Form

JET Budget grants users the ability to process budget transfers within the user’s division. Users must receive training prior to being granted access to JET Budget. Please email mbo@vc.wisc.edu regarding JET Budget training sessions.

Additional budget transfer information can be found under the Budget Instructions tab.

Planning Allocation System (Inactive)

The Planning Allocation System is no longer used for allocating budgets, however, it still contains historical reports that can be accessed through your MBO Analyst when needed.

  • Allocation Report – Displays allocated budget by major class and authorized FTE levels
  • Allocated vs Budgeted  Report – Displays a comparison of the current year’s budget entry with authorized levels