Projects in PlanUW


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Why are all projects not set up automatically in PlanUW?

We had several thousand of active projects in SFS when we implemented PlanUW and only a small number of these projects were used by a few Divisions for budgeting and forecasting purposes. Bringing in all projects would have affected the application’s performance, so a decision was made to add them to PlanUW as requested, to provide flexibility to Divisions that plan and forecast at project level.

If a project is not set up in PlanUW, where do the transactions get loaded?

If transactions from SFS have projects that are not set up in PlanUW, they are mapped to a general project called “No Projects” when data is loaded in PlanUW.

Can I request to add a project to PlanUW after the monthly deadline (8th of the following month) has passed?

We recommend adding only those projects to PlanUW that you think will add value to your budgeting and forecasting process and/or that will be helpful when developing annual budget and bi-annual forecasts. Best practice is to get it added to PlanUW once it is created in SFS or latest by the 8th of the following month after it was created. If you need a project set up in PlanUW after this date, please contact your MBO analyst to discuss options for the projects created in the current fiscal year.

If the project has transactions posted in prior years (actuals, budget transfers, or balances), it will not be added to PlanUW.