University of Wisconsin–Madison

Position Control Reports


The position control reports below compare each month’s payroll with established FTE allocation limits to ensure the campus stays within the FTE levels authorized by the UW System. The reports are updated monthly and are usually available 10 to 14 days into the new month. The table to the right is updated to provide payroll source and report availability.

New Positions Funded Program/Segregated Revenue

To request new auxiliary positions, please download the following document for instructions and the submission form:

Request for Program and Segregated Revenue Positions

Posting Date

Month Payroll Source Date Available
 Jul 7B 8/7/2016
 Aug 8B 9/7/2016
 Sep 9B 10/7/2016
 Oct 10C 11/28/2016
 Nov 11B 12/9/2016
 Dec 12B 1/11/2017
 Jan 1B  2/13/17
 Feb 2B 3/23/2017
 Mar 3B 4/17/17 
 Apr 4C
 May 5B
 Jun 6B