Budget Transfers and JET Budget Instructions

JET Budget Instructions

Transfers that involve movement between divisions or changes to major class or program must be submitted to the Madison Budget Office. Please note that GPR budget transfers which would result in the movement of budget authority from non-salary to salary lines will not be processed unless the transfer provides for the associated fringe benefit costs. Also note that only divisions specifically authorized by Accounting Services should enter JET budget adjustments for Fund 233 (Gifts). In addition, JET Budget entries cannot be made for PeopleSoft Grants budgets, such as Funds 133 and 144.

Divisions that have access to the JET Budget application may enter transfers at any time. Please see the link containing the Import template for Excel Files if you wish to import data into JET Budget from Excel:

Divisions that are not using JET Budget

Please submit the transfer form below to the Madison Budget Office.

We would prefer that you email the JET Budget file or the Excel budget transfer form to the Madison Budget Office e-mailbox at mbo@vc.wisc.edu.

JET Budget Training Documents

Transfers Between UW System Institutions:

Transfers from Madison to another UW institution should continue to be submitted to our office for processing using the form below. The completed form should be emailed to Jennifer Klippel at jennifer.klippel@wisc.edu.

Receiving Transfers from UW System

Please notify the Madison Budget Office by email  at mbo@vc.wisc.edu about any transfer received directly from UW System.