2003-2005 Biennial Budget




     2003 Wisconsin Act 33 (2003-05 Wisconsin Biennial Budget)
     2003 Senate Bill 44 (2003-05 Executive Budget Bill)
 May 11, 2004 Crist  2004-05 Unclassified Pay Plan Guidelines 
 May 11, 2004 Timberlake   OSER Request for UW System compensation adjustments, made to JCOER
 April 5, 2004 Lyall   UW System request to OSER for modifications to the 2003-05 pay plan
 March 31, 2004 BOR   UW System Board of Regents: Full agenda for April 1-2 meeting
 Oct 21, 2003 JCOER   JCOER Approval of the 2003-05 Unclassified Staff Pay Plan
Oct 16, 2003 OSER Proposal to JCOER on compensation and benefits for UW System
Oct 13, 2003 DOA 2003-05 Required Reductions to State Operations Budgets
Oct 3, 2003 BOR Board of Regents : 2003-05 Unclassified Pay Plan Information; Meeting Agenda
Minutes of the Business and Finance Committee of the UW System BOR
2003-05 Unclassified Pay Plan Recommendations
Sept 2003 LFB Comparative Summary of Budget Provisions (enacted as 2003 Act 33)
July 24, 2003 System Budget Vetoes Relating to the UW System
Reaction to 2003-05 State Budget Vetoes - University of Wisconsin System
Reaction to Governor Doyle's budget vetoes: Statement by Toby E. Marcovich, President, University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents
April 25, 2003 BOR Board of Regents : 2003-05 Unclassified Pay Plan Recommendation; Agenda
April 25, 2003 Wiley, Spear, Bazzell Budget Cuts and Their Effects on Employees
A: Principles for Leaders Considering and Implementing Budget Cuts that Affect Employees
B: Strategies for Discussing Budget Priorities and Reductions
C: Overview of Layoff Process for Classified Employees
D: Overview of Academic Staff Nonrenewal/Layoff Process
May 15, 2003 LFB

Budget Papers:

April 23, 2003 Timberlake State Presents Compensation Plan for 2003-05 Biennium
Feb 20, 2003 Wold 2003-05 Budget Reductions
Feb 20, 2003 Wiley 2003-05 Biennial Budget
Feb 13, 2003 Spear, Bazzell Budget Information
Nov 7, 2002 Regents review budget cutting exercise and budget initiatives:
Regents review budget-cutting exercise
5 percent budget cut could mean enrollment reductions, layoffs
2003-05 Biennial Budget Reduction Exercise
Table for 2003-05 Biennial Budget Reduction Exercise
Institutional Economic Stimulus Package Phase II Initiatives
Table for Institutional Economic Stimulus Package Phase II Initiatives
Oct 15, 2002 Torphy UW-Madison Budget Request - 03-05 Biennial Budget
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