Madison Budget Office Staff

If you have any questions about the materials on this site or other budget-related inquiries, please contact the staff:

Tim Norris
Associate Vice Chancellor
(608) 263-4707

Ann Bourque
Budget and Policy Analyst
(608) 890-0481

[Primary Contact for A53, A63, A77, A93] 

Phillip Braithwaite
Senior Institutional Planner
(608) 263-0562

Andrew Johnson
Budget and Policy Analyst
(608) 263-1542

[Primary Contact for A0220, A0225, A03, A04, A05, A06, A10, A17, A18, A27, A34, A40, A52, A56, A71, A85, A96]

Jennifer Klippel
Budget and Policy Analyst
(608) 890-1842

[Primary Contact for A0110, A0205, A0224, A0267, A07, A12, A19, A37, A42, A45, A48, A49, A54, A57, A80, A87, A88]